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13 Pass the message in which each student reads a short text, memorises the gist of it and then tells their neighbour who writes it down and then, without reading it, tells their neighbour, etc along a line of 8 people.Finally compare all messages with the originals and try to account for changes.The ideas apply, principally, to written texts but can also be applied to spoken texts.Before, during and after Some of our reasons for doing activities related to Before, During and After.5 Comparing two texts with similar content but intended for different purposes, different readers, different contexts.

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Email [email protected] you want to know more about us and our training course please see: Interesting authentic texts are fairly easy to find but it takes time to decide how to use them.For example, students can: – Write out ten comprehension questions. – Evaluate which is the best summary of a text done by other groups.Summary of activities for use with most texts and reasons for doing them Helping understanding before reading 1 New words teach them before or during the text by: mime, picture, example, mother tongue, synonyms, antonyms, dictionary 2 Focus on the topic before the text: by discussion of the students’ experience, pictures, prediction from the title or accompanying picture or from one or two sentences taken out of the text or from a few key words taken out of the text, questions from the teacher, brainstorming a mind map of associations with the topic Dictation 1 Dictation in which the students listen to a continuously spoken and repeated text and slowly builds up the whole thing (also see ‘dictator’ sitting in a corner of the room.3 Inventing a title or set of subtitles Inventing a title or set of titles.4 Reduction of the text but keeping the essential content information by omitting words, phrases and sentences; combining sentences; turning it into telegraphese…the gist of the text. A selects 3 words from his/her text and B asks questions to find out what the text is about.

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