Wordpress site not updating changes

Typical symptoms are a spikes in CPU usage, 500 errors or pages not displaying correctly, Woo Commerce shopping carts not updating or showing the wrong order.

Here are some common errors that you can encounter when using WP Super Cache: File locking errors such as “failed to acquire key 0x152b: Permission denied in…” or “Page not cached by WP Super Cache.

These plugins cache the first visitor’s request of a new page to a plain HTML file on the server so that if can be served to the next visitor requesting it (unless you’ve made some changes to it in the meantime).

Developers love WP Super Cache as a caching plugin for Word Press over W3 Total Cache because it’s easier to setup and has less compatibility problems with other Word Press plugins.

Normally, WC 1.4.2 sets the DONOTCACHEPAGE, constant which means you shouldn’t have this issue with the latest version of Word Press and of WP Super Cache.

If the problem persists in Woo Commerce, we recommend switching to WP Rocket as it is 100% compatible with Woo Commerce.

Caching plugins need to auto renew the cache otherwise, many changes made to your website won’t be reflected.

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If you are a WP Super Cache user, you should remember to push the delete cache button in the settings to get Word Press to display your changes.

Still, it comes with its own set of problems so if you are a developer looking for a plugin that`s going to remain compatible and effective in the future, we recommend you check out our WP Rocket developer license (unlimited websites).

Let other developers work on keeping your websites’ caching secure, up-to-date and efficient for years to come.

If you’ve been getting these 500 errors pretty regularly when using WP Super Cache, maybe it’s time to think about using a new caching plugin.

This issue requires intermediate to expert knowledge to be fixed. You need to make sure that there are no missing line in that file. If you don’t feel confident doing this by yourself, consider asking your developer or switching to a caching plugin that’s more user-friendly.

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