Updating google desktop

In fact, showing the "Slow" tag might make sense later in the game, after most webmasters have made the updates, and Google instead needs to create a more serious and impactful negative incentive for the stragglers.

(This is Barry's image; we have not actually seen this one yet).

Some example sites that use Responsive Design well in a single-page app architecture are: Also, according to Rob Ousbey of Distilled, Google has been testing this kind of architecture on (a Google property).

Google has also recently been pushing for more feeds from Trusted Partners, which are a key component of both mobile apps and single-page web apps since Phantom JS and Prerender IO (and similar technologies) together essentially generate crawlable feeds for indexing single-page web apps.

Rumors are flying about Google's upcoming mobile-friendly update, and bits of reliable information have come from several sources.

My colleague Emily Grossman and I wanted to cut through the noise and bring online marketers a clearer picture of what's in store later this month.

We took this as another indication that the new index is related to a new crawler and/or a major change to the infrastructure they are using to parse, index, and evaluate mobile search results but not desktop results.

That said, you should probably take some time soon to make sure that your site works—at least in a passable way—on mobile devices, just in case there are eventual desktop repercussions (and because this is a user experience best practice that can lead to other improvements that still desktop ranking factors, such as decreasing your bounce rate).

Again, we think this fits well with an infrastructure change.We also think that the recent increased focus on deep links and the announcement from Google about Google Play's new automated and manual review process are related.This announcement indicates, almost definitively, that Google has built a crawler that is capable of crawling Android apps.In this post, you'll find our answers to nine key questions about the update.Answer: Recently, Google has been rolling out lots of changes to apps, Google Play, the presentation of mobile SERPS, and some of the more advanced development guidelines that impact mobile; we believe that many of these are in preparation for the 4/21 update.

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