Transition from dating to marriage

Until recently, most Boomers were postponing retirement to rebuild 401Ks hit hard at the beginning of the new century.

And CEOs are dealing with other harsh realities like dwindling employee engagement and creating company cultures where creativity and innovation can flourish. Singing the praises of a gifted Boomer group ready to pay it backward can heap recognition on you as a perceptive problem-solver in tune with the current company zeitgeist.

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Living in California and currently working on his first novel.Is the climate right to engage in conversations with HR and company leaders?Have you thought through the basics of a Boomer program launch?For some, 40 plus years of sweat-equity in a career is a singular accomplishment that can understandably lead to a sense of entitlement.Still others, after decades of paying it forward, might view the moment as an opportunity to pay it back.

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