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The turtle demurs, saying that the scorpion would just sting him en route.The scorpion answers that he’d never do such a thing since they’d both sink. “It’s in my nature,” his passenger says with a scorpion shrug.

You probably wouldn’t want to be 8 inches long, have a tail shaped like a leaf and no eyelids to speak of, requiring you to lick your eyeballs clean every now and again.The turtle, finding that reasoning hard to argue with, agrees—whereupon, midway across the river, the scorpion does administer a fatal sting. That’s all by way of saying that the world has at least one more species of beast you shouldn’t trust, now that researchers working in southwest Turkey have announced the discovery of a new type of scorpion, known as the Euscorpius lycius.It’s as creepy-looking as any scorpion, as poisonous as any scorpion and as foul-tempered as any scorpion. Just an inch or so across, it administers a sting that would cause you little more distress than a mosquito bite.The head—its far more salient feature—remains regrettably the same.Sorry cockroaches, you don’t get to be any less disgusting just because you master a nifty new trick like glowing in the dark.

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