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Chad Michael Murray pre-A Cinderella Story, the movie we all definitely remember him from. I forgive him his sins a bit because he was so young. Hope he grew up when he moved to Tree Hill...didn’t watch that show. This girl needed to just..a step back a reevaluate. Somebody got murdered, then somebody stole the body. But he did the bare minimum as a father for most of Rory's life, and he seems to be irresponsible with birth control. " He could’ve been a little more patient with Lane... Best quote: "I asked for you and then she asked why, and I said because and she said because why, and I got nervous and tried to sell her a subscription to the Wall Street Journal." It doesn’t really get more Gilmore Girls than a sassy harp player. Shout out to Alex Borstein for not being able to get out of a FOX contract and allowing for sweet Melissa Mc Carthy to enter our lives as Sookie. Best quote: "I have been mayor of this fine town for a long time. Unfortunately sometimes children have to be disciplined. Worst moment: When she wanted to get rid of craft corner — THAT'S PARIS'S EMOTIONAL HOMEWORK! " One of Lane’s classmate’s who memorably loved Assistant Pastor Eric. He’s dumb but he loves Liz and he’s the guy that’s there for her through Renaissance fairs, doulas, and escrow. And Richard, like his wife, did think he was always doing the best thing for his family, but he seems to get a lot more credit than Emily does. Worst moment: When he got sick and Lorelai couldn't make him feel better and she cried and it was a metaphor for RORY!!!!!!!!! She brings joy into every scene, and I would really love to watch any of her one-woman shows for real, live any time.

The most unbelievable thing was that Paris had a crush on him. She doesn't seem to have genuine interest in the lives or successes of her closest friends, Lane and Paris, and she gets almost everything she wants based on questionable talent. )Best moment: Thanking her mom for everything when she graduated from high school. Weirdest quote to say to your daughter: "Who could not like being kissed by a Gilmore girl? It makes a lot of sense that the Skid Row frontman was on Gilmore Girls. Most Gilmore Girls quote: "It's got a nice Fountains of Wayne meets the Shins crossed with Odyssey-era Zombies, and a mix of early Who and mid-to-late-era Replacements vibe to it. Best quote: "In which case he's sick, then it would be Assistant Pastor Eric! I feel like I should hate this guy, but I love him. Memorable quote: "I'm gonna do all the healthy things for me I did not do last time I was pregnant, like not binge-drink." Edward Herrmann was such a comforting presence on this show. I would watch a spin-off of them just living their lives, doing Krav Maga and succeeding in their respective fields. (But him wearing her coat almost made up for it.) You know that person you work with who you only hang out with because you work with them and sometimes they're annoying and maybe they have a French accent and you're like huh it's odd a French person lives in this small town in Connecticut or wherever you live instead of, you know, France but, like, you would feel weird if they weren't in your life? Best quote: "People are particularly stupid today." Did this dog exist just so Lorelai could have a dream that involves both the dog and the real Paul Anka? But either way it was fitting that Lorelai had a dog who matched her for somewhat-demanding quirks. And if we don't laugh after we make a joke, you think we're serious." No one loves life more than Miss Patty.

Your grandparents are building a whole damn astronomy building in your name." HER NAME IS CRAZY. Though she has some missteps later in the series (don’t force anyone to have a vasectomy, people! Best quote: "I saw this kid wandering around town the other day.

Even if she was a bad dancer, she didn't deserve to be bodyshamed by Rory. He had a complicated family life and no money to fall back on.

We all accept that Dean became less intelligent and more rage-prone when Jess showed up. One of her best quotes because there are too many: "You, Logan Huntzberger, are nothing but a two-bit, spoiled waste of a trust fund.

But even in Season 1, he broke up with Rory because she wasn’t ready to say “I love you.” Like jeez, you are 16, dude, calm down. You offer nothing to women or the world in general.

She makes mistakes and learns lessons and apologizes and sometimes doesn’t do any of that like an actual person.

Her dislike of her parents' lifestyle remains, while her love for her actual parents ebbs and flows. No matter what has happened to me my entire life, you've never been happy for me, and that hurts, Mom, it really hurts!

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