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I am a member of an organisation known as the Apprentice Boys of Derry, and it is proud to have that name.The Protestants, Unionists and Loyalists who come from that area are happy to call themselves Derrymen.The name of Derry was given when it was spoken of as a separate division of the county." In 1958, when the newly launched HMS Londonderry made a courtesy visit to the port, nationalist councillor James Doherty protested that it was "a foreign warship which had been called after a version of the name of the city".In 1984, the DUP politician Peter Robinson commented in a Commons Sitting on the Appropriation (Northern Ireland) Order 1984 that: "Until the 1960s there was a happy use of both Londonderry and Derry.The council's case was that the 1662 charter naming the city "Londonderry" was subject to subsequent local government legislation, and that the renaming of the city council in 1984 amended the charter by altering the name.The local government district and the city and the county are three separate entities.

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Then, in the 1960s, as part of a deliberate campaign by Republicans to loosen the London connection, they emphasised that they had dropped the name London from the name of the city.

Legally, the city and county are called "Londonderry", The naming debate became particularly politicised at the outset of the Troubles, with the mention of either name acting as a shibboleth used to associate the speaker with one of Northern Ireland's two main communities.

The district of Derry and Strabane was created in 2015, subsuming a district created in 1973 with the name "Londonderry", which changed to "Derry" in 1984.

The Town Clerk submitted the EQIA report to the council in time for its meeting on 8 March 2010, at which Sinn Féin councillors brought a motion to proceed with the petition.

This was voted down by SDLP and Unionist councillors.

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