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Living on one paycheck or 50% of your pay can be done you just have to want to do it.

******** I have a RIDICULOUS amount of student loan debt and decided to sacrifice living on my own (moved back to the parentals’ house) to save money and pay off my debts.

******** Two months after 9/11 occurred I quit my job to stay home with my 2 children without even thinking about the consequences. I had no idea where we were going to come up with the difference. We cut back on everything from cancelling Satellite TV, the newspaper and magazine subscriptions.

On top of that we had just bought a brand new house. We didn’t go out to eat which saved on dining out and the cost of a baby sitter.

We have two teenage kids that we didn’t want to ‘scar’, there were times we wanted ‘stuff’, but we made cutting back into a hobby. ******** We (my husband and I) have lived off of about 50% of one income for several years, even when he was in the military.Hi everybody, On behalf of the Silver Hairs Club, fellow members and supporting committee committee members, let’s look forward to many more years of friendship and togetherness.You are part of the effort to make SHC a successful Club for seniors in Singapore. ******** We saved between 65-75% of our income for about 10 years and then quit our jobs (we also made more money than a lot of people — our expenses were about K/yr including the mortgage — we now live an extravagant life on -24K per year with mortgage paid off)…but, when you realize that stuff is not what makes you happy, you end up leading a richer and more frugal life forever and somehow it becomes really easy and quite freeing…

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