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From what I've experienced: Weather: It's more of a dry heat in the summer and the winters only have a moderate amount of snow.

The snow plows are slow coming out so even though there is less snow compared to Toronto, it seems like there is more because it takes longer for the city to plow it all away.

The university and college are moving a ton of programs downtown into buildings they've bought and are renovating.

There's also a new aquatic centre being built downtown The west side is not as nice as the east side due to the ambassador bridge company.

Housing: If you're looking to buy a house it is definitely A LOT cheaper than Toronto/Vancouver. The prices are not bad, my friends are renting a two bedroom for 0.

Entertainment: There isn't that much at night besides bars/clubs. Every June Windsor has fireworks display which I think are the largest in North America.

The unemployment is no longer the highest in Canada.

The city has an abundance of parks and trails, not to mention one of the most beautiful waterfronts.

Grocery: They have all the major grocery stores such as Metro, Food Basics, Sobeys, and Freshco. Crime: When I use to live there we could leave our doors open overnight and feel safe.- weather - people - housing - entertainment - restaurant - shopping - leisure - grocery - crime - transportation Grew up in Windsor before I moved out to Toronto for school and never looked back.I still go back a few times a year to visit family.Judging from the previous comments here, I don't think any of them have actually visited Windsor.Windsor has an amazing mayor who has been holding the line on taxes while increasing spending and reserves.

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