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[Laughs] MGM wanted to do some promotions for the show and they said, "We have this great idea. " I said, "That's a bad idea." Sounds like you have video regret. Don't we see a lot of you in this family-friendly flick?Hewlett: The reality is almost everything I do I cringe about later. Did you pay friends to write nice reviews on movie sites? They've just been so incredibly supportive about it. We could walk in and say, "Guys, there's a website that lots of people are interested in. " When the DVD first was available for preorder on Amazon, it was on the top 10 for a week. And then I dragged in Jane Loughman [Hewlett's fiancée], who is not only producing the movie but is also producing my first child. Hewlett: I always thought there were two kinds of males in the world: the ones who look good naked and the ones who look funny naked.Kelly tells Sarah about Watcher's Woods, an area in which some girls were lost many years ago, and when the pair end up traipsing through the woods the next day, you may have already guessed it, they end up getting lost. Jumping around the place, tonally, this is a strange episode, but one that I enjoyed for the darkness of the second half.The Watcher crops up once or twice, and proves to be quite a frightening presence, while the main threat comes from the three spirits of the young girls (now older, and mean with it, to say the least).

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We talked to the droll Canadian about A Dog's Breakfast, the indie he wrote and stars in that just arrived on DVD, as well as the fourth season of Atlantis, premiering tonight at 10 pm/ET on Sci Fi Channel. Beckett) plays my sister's fiancé, a cheesy sci-fi star whom my character instantly loathes.See more » I really enjoyed this episode, but it appears that I may be in the minority.Anyway, viewers are introduced to another newcomer to The Midnight Society, a girl named Sam (Joanna Garcia), which means that Sam needs to tell a tale. The tale concerns spiteful Kelly (a young Jewel Staite) and sweet Sarah (Kendall Saunders), two girls at a summer camp.Jewel Staite is an enjoyably unlikable meanie, and Saunders is just fine as the much nicer girl that viewers will want to see stay safe and sound until the end of the tale.Writer Gregory Kennedy seems to have fun seeing just what he can get away with (as this is certainly a bit darker than many of the previous episodes of the show), and director David Winning manages to keep things just right in balancing the dark atmosphere and tension with the need to keep things appropriate for a younger audience.

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