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Secondly, I was fearful of becoming a woman who controlled her spouse.I thought by waiting for this courageous pursuer the church kept talking about, I would get a guy strong enough to fix my tendency to control.

I don’t know how many times I have to say this for ALL OF YOU TO HEAR IT. He probably works part-time, and lives at home with his momma (in the basement), and the little money he makes he spends it on weed, alcohol, and clothes. Perhaps instead of telling women to simply wait and pray, we need to be teaching women how to be open, friendly, and available, so that men are more encouraged to step out and ask girls out?SEE ALSO: Is "Waiting on God" an Excuse to be Lazy?There are times when God calls us to patiently wait on his timing.But perhaps like Ruth, God wants you to take some action. In fact, it may require greater faith in God for you to take a risk, be vulnerable and perhaps learn some new skills that will help you better relate to those around you.

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