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After Piers denied being gay, Donald Trump launched into an awkward defense of gay people ("You know what, there are gay people around, and that’s great, and there are non-gays, but you called him a homosexual, but he says he’s not a homosexual").Before Trump fired Omarosa, Piers decided to prove his heterosexuality by kissing country singer Trace Adkins on the cheek, which shocked everyone, particularly Adkins.

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Tyrese being given like seven words to read and still somehow finding a way to fuck them up.

The competition’s host and judge routinely accuse one another of being gay or effeminate, such as during the sixth season when self-proclaimed metrosexual Ryan Seacrest told Simon Cowell, "Stay out of my closet" and Simon replied, "Come out." Ryan came back with, "This is about the top 12 [contestants], not your wishes." Why it’s shocking: Their interaction, years after Fox reportedly told them to tone down such humor, was shocking mostly because two such prominent adults still think gay-baiting is entertaining.

At the time, Seacrest told judge Piers Morgan was "in the closet," and that was just part of one of the season’s craziest boardrooms.

But when this documentary series first aired on public television, reality TV didn’t exist as such.

Adding to the novelty and the shock of Lance Loud’s unashamed self-exposure, he was the first openly gay real person on TV (and for additional perspective, only two earlier scripted shows had featured minor gay characters).

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