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Don’t get caught up in ‘Game’ when meeting women in college.

Invest your time and money into building a well connected social circle and lifestyle, as that will pay much greater dividends than game.

I wouldn’t say that I was ever the proverbial ‘nice-guy’ pushover, beta, but I treated people well.

I was well-rounded and interesting, and fun to be around.

I will down the road, but for now seek out some reputable sources on the matter. If you’re a cool, good looking guy, with an attractive, alpha and aloof personality that trumps sexual skills any day. Once you do find a girl to bump uglies with in college, assuming she’s cute, fun to be around and enjoyable to pound it’s likely you’re going to see her again.

If it continues you’re going to enter a ‘Friends With Benefits’ relationship.

I’ve shown you the benefits of joining a fraternity and shoved Greek Life down your throat, but also showed you that you can still have a good social life being independent.

I was hooking up with some sorority girl in my room after a mixer.

It’s about time I talked about banging college chicks.

There’s not point in me laying out some technique or trick to get laid in college; I’ve already done that for the most part.

My ex in college was first my fuck buddy for a period of about 8 months.

This is the length for many relationships and in this time we were just fucking.

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