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Since the death altar inside the Temple of Light is out of reach, he has decided to perform a mass-killing of all humans in West Ardougne and convert the resulting death energy into necromantic power for the summoning ritual.

While he is unable to help you himself, he gives you a list of people that you can recruit to start an uprising.Show them the Councillor's proclamation and, after arguing about whether to follow the Council's orders or supersede their authority, they will go back to the castle - Sir Hugo to defend King Lathas from a coup, and Sir Edmond to prepare the knight army for your aid.Prepare yourself for combat and talk to Sir Edmond near the entrance to the East Ardougne castle.She proceeds to talk about Lord Iorwerth's drab writing in his new master plan after the Temple's defences came back on, and how Iestin's report should keep her busy while she waits on a shipment of gnomish foods from Arposandra. Head south to the gnomecopter, and talk to the mourner standing in front of three starving elves and tell him the mayor wants him to distribute the food amongst everyone.Go back to the mayor and tell her the food is being distributed by the guards; she will hastily leave in anger, giving you the opportunity to grab the master plan off her desk. After reading through the document, he'll conclude that Iorwerth wants to summon the Dark Lord, which would require a significant amount of death energy, and use its power to regrow Prifddinas.

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