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“Men have wiles too,” she said in one episode of the Makers series, adding that how you treat people “really dictates how well you do in life.” She’s quick to listen to detractors, but Rachel Sklar, founder of Change the Ratio, is always amazed by the reaction when she ask a group of women if they’ve ever been asked to watch their tone –a.k.a.code for aggressive, pushy or bossy –all the negative traits associated with a woman exercising power. Silly me, I’d forgotten to add the happy smiley face [to the end of this sentence].Add in what you’re wearing, bad hair days, or just looking tired and that distorts the impression even more.

Men think, women feel, so substitute “I think” wherever you’re tempted to write “I feel.” Men are brief and women fill in all the detail, so keep it short and sweet instead.”Provost also cautions against obsessing about what things mean.Unlikable business decisions are ones that forget that your customer is the reason you’re allowed to to business every day.It’s not because you’re pretty or you’ve got the coolest product in Silicon Valley.” On the other hand, Napoletano says, “There are people in this world, both male and female, who are not nice people. To me, a bitch is a woman in the workplace who puts her own interests ahead of her team.“I’m confident enough in my leadership ability to not worry about being liked or popular.That ship sailed a long time ago.” Alison Provost has a lot of experience when it comes to solving problems (even when she’s the problem).

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